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Tips for Purchasing Used Medical Equipment

Posted March 26, 2018

Medical equipment can be expensive, and this can make it difficult to obtain high-quality pieces of equipment for your practice. However, purchasing used equipment that has been refurbished can help you save money while still allowing you to provide your patients with excellent quality of care and options for treatment. At United Endoscopy, we purchase […]

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We Pay Cash for Used Equipment!

Posted February 28, 2018

Do you have medical equipment that you are no longer using in your practice? Have you upgraded to a new piece of technology, and you’re not sure what to do with the old one? We at United Endoscopy are always in the market for high-quality equipment to refurbish for our clients. Pentax, Olympus, Fujinon, Dyonics, […]

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Benefits of Buying Reconditioned Endoscopy Equipment

Posted January 19, 2018

Endoscopy equipment can significantly improve your work as a medical professional. However, it is often very costly, and cheap secondhand equipment can be faulty and unreliable. The reconditioned endoscopy tools here at United Endoscopy are affordably priced and guaranteed to be reliable, high-quality endoscopy tools that can help your medical practice. “Reconditioned” Means Restored Refurbished […]

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Where Can I Buy Reconditioned Endoscopy Equipment?

Posted December 20, 2017

Medical equipment can be expensive, but choosing not to buy certain tools because of their price can make it difficult or impossible to treat and diagnose your patients. Reconditioned endoscopy equipment, sold here at United Endoscopy, can save money for your medical office and help you provide better medical services for your patients. Buying Refurbished […]

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Where to Buy Endoscopy Equipment

Posted June 30, 2017

The field of endoscopy has many unique pieces of equipment, but it can be difficult knowing where to purchase them. If you’re wondering where to purchase your scopes, graspers, sheaths, camera heads, and full video systems, look no further. At United Endoscopy, we sell a wide variety of reliable, refurbished endoscopy equipment to medical professionals […]

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Richard Wolf Refurbished Endoscopy Equipment

Posted November 22, 2016

United Endoscopy provides medical professionals with refurbished endoscopy tools manufactured by some of the leading endoscopy companies in the world. Among these companies is Richard Wolf, which has over one hundred years of experience working in human medicine and medical instruments. About Richard Wolf Originally founded as Brückner and Wolf in Berlin in 1906, Richard […]

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Olympus Refurbished Endoscopy Equipment

Posted June 17, 2016

Olympus is a leader in precision technology and designs innovative solutions for medical equipment so that medical professionals have the tools they need to save lives and provide quality healthcare. Founded in 1919, Olympus primarily focuses on healthcare, life science, and consumer electronics. More specifically, the company’s key business areas are imaging instruments, cameras, audio […]

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KARL STORZ Refurbished Endoscopy Equipment

Posted May 17, 2016

As a provider of high-quality refurbished medical equipment, United Endoscopy works with multiple leading manufacturers. One of our preferred providers is KARL STORZ, a company that has manufactured endoscopes, devices, instruments, and camera systems for over 70 years. Here at United Endoscopy, you can purchase refurbished KARL STORZ medical equipment at a more affordable price […]

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Stryker® Refurbished Endoscopy Equipment

Posted April 25, 2016

If you do not know who created a product, you do not know its value. Knowing the manufacturer tells you whether or not the product is reliable, high-quality, and effective. At United Endoscopy, we provide affordable refurbished medical equipment from Stryker® Corporation and other leading manufacturers so that you know you are purchasing quality equipment […]

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The Benefits of Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

Posted March 23, 2016

Running a medical practice is very expensive, and the costs of your work, your staff, and your equipment can be difficult to manage. United Endoscopy offers a perfect solution: refurbished medical equipment, which can lower your expenses and assist your practice in more ways than you realize. Here are just a few of the benefits […]

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