PreOwned Arthroscopy Equipment
A leader in the field of quality preowned and refurbished arthroscopic and orthopedic equipment, United Endoscopy offers a variety of refurbished medical equipment at an affordable cost. We are proud to provide our customers with the ability make a wise investment, offering savings that range from 40 to 80 percent off!

With exporting being one of our specialties, we strongly stand behind all of our equipment – both brand new and pre-owned. At United Endoscopy, we are dedicated to providing
equipment and products that will maintain a long life of excellent quality, and we are proud to meet the needs of our satisfied customers from around the globe. For nearly 20 years, United Endoscopy has been the source for quality, preowned arthroscopy equipment. This includes: endoscopy equipment, arthroscopes, hand shaver blades and burrs, arthroscopic electrosurgical units, tourniquets, orthopedic power equipment, fragment sets, and irrigation systems. Some of the leading manufacturers we sell are: Storz, Stryker, Linvatec, Dyonics, Shutt, Acufex, Wolf, Hall/Zimmer, 3M, ArthroCare, Aurotec, and Mitek.

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ACMI Ref 3700 Everest BiCOAG Bipolar Dissecting Forceps

$130.00 (USD)

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ConMed / Linvatec 4.2 Tiger ( 6 in Box ) Ref C9242

$190.00 (USD)

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