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We Pay Cash for Used Equipment!

Posted February 28, 2018 in Refurbished Equipment

Used Endoscopy EquipmentDo you have medical equipment that you are no longer using in your practice? Have you upgraded to a new piece of technology, and you’re not sure what to do with the old one? We at United Endoscopy are always in the market for high-quality equipment to refurbish for our clients. Pentax, Olympus, Fujinon, Dyonics, and Acufex are just a few of the manufacturers of the products we purchase. If you have equipment that you are interested in selling us, you could earn yourself cash while also aiding other professionals in upgrading their equipment less expensively.  

Why should I resell my old medical equipment?

Medical equipment is expensive, and we can offer you an alternative to throwing it into a landfill. Instead of tossing your old devices in the garbage, consider selling it to us. If your medical equipment is in good condition, we will refurbish it for our clients. In turn, we will pay you cash! The amount we will pay you will depend on the type of equipment, its age, and other factors.

What do we look for when buying used medical equipment?

When buying previously owned medical equipment, we look at its type, age, appearance, function, and repairability. Therefore, if you are interested in selling your old medical equipment, you should prepare it for resale. Preparing your equipment for resale makes it look better and more quickly allows us to decide whether or not to purchase it. If we can see its potential for our clients, we are more likely to purchase it from you.

How to Prepare for Resale

Below are some tips on how you can prepare your used medical equipment for resale.


Make sure to clean the equipment and replace any missing or broken pieces if possible. Clean and well-kept equipment is more appealing and makes it easier for us to get a good look at it and determine our customers’ need for it. Having the equipment look good also makes it faster for us to refurbish and resell to our clients.


Make sure to test your equipment to make sure that its core functions are working and that it performs its intended purpose. Although we have technicians who can repair the equipment, significant problems with its functionality can affect the purchase price we offer.


If there are elements of the device that do not work properly, it does not mean we will not purchase the equipment. We will inspect the device to determine the likely cause of the malfunction. Our talented team of technicians is equipped to address functionality problems. If we determine our technicians can repair the device to an appropriate state of function, we will consider purchasing your equipment.

If you own medical equipment that you no longer use and are interested in selling it, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today by filling out our online contact form or calling us at 1(800) 899-4847. We look forward to doing business with you!