Category: Arthroscopy Equipment

Who Developed the Endoscope?

Posted May 26, 2017

Endoscopy has a long history of over 200 years. From the first endoscope to the many pieces of endoscopy equipment that are used today, endoscopy has helped countless medical professionals to accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of health conditions. The history and development of the endoscope have changed the medical industry as we know […]

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ConMed Linvatec Refurbished Endoscopy Equipment

Posted July 18, 2016

Among the great providers of endoscopy equipment is ConMed Linvatec. ConMed Linvatec is a global medical technology company that makes many pieces of equipment that are used in medicine today. United Endoscopy sells affordable, refurbished, high-quality endoscopy equipment made by ConMed Linvatec to medical facilities worldwide. About ConMed Linvatec ConMed Linvatec designs and sells patient […]

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Orthopedic/Arthroscopy Tools

Posted December 30, 2015

Medical procedures today are very different from how they were years ago. Technology helps medical professionals to examine internal organs with a thin tube, camera, and light so that they can diagnose and treat health conditions without invasive surgery. United Endoscopy provides doctors, surgeons, and medical professionals with quality preowned and refurbished orthopedic and arthroscopic […]

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