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Plastic Surgery / ENT Products

Posted October 09, 2015 in ENT Scopes, Otolaryngology Tools, Plastic Surgery Tools

Every expert surgeon relies on his or her medical tools. Without them, it would be very difficult to perform examinations, diagnostics, and treatments. United Endoscopy offers a wide range of endoscopy tools to help medical professionals like you. Knowing that medical equipment is expensive, we sell high-quality refurbished medical tools so that you can afford the equipment you need to perform high-quality procedures. We work with clients in multiple professions from over 50 countries. One of our categories of equipment is plastic surgery and ENT products, which help plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists perform various procedures.

Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology

Plastic surgeons perform many different procedures to alter or improve the appearance of various parts of the body. The equipment we offer enables plastic surgeons to better perform their work on the ears, nose, throat, and other related head and neck structures. With the proper medical tools, plastic surgeons can examine these body parts and reshape or modify their appearance. Otolaryngologists, also called ENT (ear, nose, and throat) physicians, specialize in managing and treating the ears, nose, throat, and other head and neck structures. They can diagnose and treat ear disorders, chronic sinusitis, allergies, nasal breathing, throat problems, diseases of the larynx, birth disorders or deformities, and any diseases, trauma, or deformities in the face and neck. Both otolaryngologists and plastic surgeons perform cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

Medical ToolsPlastic Surgery / ENT Products

To assist with your profession, we provide endoscopy tools that you can use for ENT examinations and procedures. We offer the Linvatec Complete ENT System, which includes a Richards Rigid Scope, camera processor, nasal punch, LCD monitor with stand for viewing, and more. The details of this ENT system can be found on the product page. We also have the Ethicon G110 Harmonic Scalpel Set to assist with excision and treatment. Most importantly, we provide several kinds of rigid ENT scopes for diagnostics and treatment, each for $1,000 USD or less.

At United Endoscopy, we offer only the highest quality refurbished medical equipment to help ensure the success of your medical treatments. For more information about our plastic surgery and ENT tools or about any of our other endoscopy tools, please contact us at (951) 270-3400 or toll-free at (800) 899-4847. For your convenience, you can also contact us online.