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Endoscopy in Medicine

Posted November 22, 2017 in Endoscope Tools

An endoscope is a small, illuminated instrument that allows you to look into and examine things that would be difficult or impossible to see without help. Endoscopes are used in many fields but are most often used in medicine. Endoscopy in medicine allows medical professionals to examine, diagnose, and treat the internal organs of the body.

How Endoscopy Is Used in Medicine

EndoscopeEndoscopes are used in medicine to examine internal organs. With an endoscope, a physician does not have to perform a major surgery to look inside the body. If a patient is experiencing certain symptoms, an endoscope can be sent inside the body to transmit a visual field of what’s going on inside that may be causing those symptoms. This makes it possible for a physician to diagnose medical conditions more accurately. Endoscopy can also confirm a diagnosis by assisting in performing a biopsy. Endoscopic tools can be used to treat health conditions, such as by removing a foreign object or cauterizing to stop internal bleeding. Endoscopes are frequently used to assist in surgery and often replace the need for major surgery.

Types of Medical Endoscopy

Endoscopy is commonly used in many different medical fields to examine the following areas of the body:

Common procedures that use endoscopy include:

    • Pregnancy Procedures (examination of the fetus or amniotic fluid)
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Abdominal Surgery
    • Orthopedic Surgery (especially for the hand, knee, epidural space of the spine, and bursae)
    • Endodontic Surgery (maxillary sinus surgery and root end surgery)
    • Endonasal Surgery
    • Spinal Surgery

Endoscopy Equipment in Medicine

The endoscope or endoscopic procedure is often named for the area it is examining or the branch of science it is used for. For example, a colonoscope is used in a colonoscopy to examine the colon. Likewise, an arthroscope is used in the arthroscopic examination of the joints. As a result, purchasing tools requires a knowledge of the different names and types of endoscopes available for medicinal use.

Getting the right tools for your medical practice can revolutionize your work. A variety of endoscopes with different uses would help you give a more accurate diagnosis and allow you to treat individuals with lower risk and higher success rates. United Endoscopy provides high-quality reconditioned and refurbished endoscopic tools to make it easier for medical practitioners like you to purchase the tools you need.