Stryker 1188 Complete Arthroscopy System

$16,990.00 (USD)
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by Stryker

Stryker 1188 Complete Arthroscopy System *

Includes the Following:
-Stryker Vision Elect HDTV with Stand
-Stryker 1188 HD Camera Console
-Stryker 1188 HD Camera Head with Coupler
-Stryker Flocontrol Arthroscopy Pump
-Stryker CORE Driver Console
-Stryker X8000 Light Source
-Stryker SDC Ultra
-Stryker 4mm x 30º Autoclavable Arthroscope — Ref. Number : 502-477-031
-Stryker 5mm Sheath with Obturator — Ref. Number : 377-031-146
-Stryker Formula Core Handpiece — Ref. Number : 375-704-500
-Stryker Footpedal — Ref. Number : 5100-8
-(2) Acufex Cigarette Type Arthropunch **
—(1) 3.4mm Left 90º
—(1) 3.4mm Right 90º
-(4) Acufex Arthroscopy Instruments **
—(1) 3.4mm 30º Left Big Bite Punch
—(1) 3.4mm 30º Right Big Bite Punch
—(1) 2.7mm Straight Big Bite Punch
—(1) Hook Knife
-Set of (1) Blades / Burrs
-Stryker Light Cable

* System can be customized to your needs.
** Instruments can be customized to meet your requirements

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