Dyonics 360 3 CCD Camera System


Dyonics 360 3-CCD Camera System

Resolution : Horizontal: 800 TV lines (RGB or Y/C), Vertical: 450 lines (Progressive Scan mode)
Display: 1280 x 1024**
Signal-to-Noise Ratio : Greater than 60 dB
Shutter : NTSC: 1/60 per second through 1/10,000 per second shutter speed
Scanning System : NTSC/Interlaced Mode: 525 lines, 60 fields, 30 frames, 2:1 Interlaced
NTSC/Progressive Mode : 525 lines, 60 frames
RGB Video Output : One video output 1Vp-p, RGB and SYNC into 75 Ω, BNC coaxial connectors (Interlace/Progressive switchable)
Y/C Video Outputs : Two Y/C video outputs, combined luminance/chroma signal into 4-pin mini-DIN plug
IEEE-1394 Output : One IEEE-1394 digital video output, 4-pin connector; provides continuous DV-formatted (5:1) compressed 25 Mb/sec data rate
Serial Digital Interface : One serial digital interface (SDI) with 4:2:2 component digital video output on BNC connector
Digital Visual Interface : Two digital visual interface supporting DVI Digital (DVI-D) single-link interfaces on 29 pin DVI-I connector


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