Olympus Percutaneous Nephroscope Set

$2,750.00 (USD)
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by Olympus

Olympus Percutaneous Nephroscope Set

Set Includes :
– Olympus A2461 Operating Nephroscope 4mm x 0°
– Olympus A2464 Outer Sheath with Rotatable Stopcock 27 Fr
– Olympus A2477 Operating Sheath with 2nd Guide Wire Capability
– Olympus A2480 Sealing Cap
– Olympus A2482 Rigid Grasping Forcep
– Olympus A2483 Rigis Spoon Forcep
– Olympus A2484 Rigid Fine Teeth Forcep
– Olympus A2481 Rigid 3 Nail Forcep

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